Welcome to All Hands on Deck!

AHoD is an Australian campaign with the aim to inform, educate and raise awareness to the difficulties that those who are deaf or hard of hearing face in contemporary Australia. With the desire to motivate and inspire everyday Australians to learn a few basic signs, we here at AHoD seek for an inclusive and integrated community – where we value communication as a fundamental human right!

Currently 16% of all Australians will experience some hearing loss in their lives and 30,000 Australians who are profoundly Deaf will use Auslan as their native language. 90% of Deaf children will be born to hearing parents and 10% of Deaf parents will have Deaf children. Of this group, 25% of them will leave jobs due to work place discrimination and Deaf people are 4X more likely to suffer from mental health issues due to social isolation. Here at AHoD we seek to promote Auslan as a crucial form of language acquisition for young Deaf children to express themselves and encourage everyone to learn some basic signs!


Over the coming months we will be bringing short educational videos, interesting facts and information about the deaf community and its bright culture, just in time for National Deaf Week which kicks off from 15th – 21st October! 

Sophie x

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