Just how big is the issue?

Since launching this campaign I’ve had a few of my nearest and dearest* asking me “just how big is this issue?” And with the problem falling upon (Australia’s) deaf ears, it’s time to share the startling stats.

With 16% of the Australian population hard of hearing at some stage of their life, AUSLAN is still a widely unknown and unused language in the community. With Deaf Australians only given free access to interpreters when going to medical appointments or the hospital, there is a severe lack of resources with those deaf or hard of hearing unable to gain equal access to government services, law or ceremonial events, due to a deficiency of resources, education and awareness.

With an alarming lack of Sign Language interpreters and 30,000 deaf Australians utilising AUSLAN as their first and primary language, there is a huge gap in the communication, integration and inclusion of the deaf community in a wider societal setting in Australia.

This combined with education, workplace and day to day bureaucratic discrimination of those who are deaf and hard of hearing, All Hands on Deck is a campaign to raise awareness and bring to light the struggles of others and aims to discuss the importance of communication and the right to express one’s self as a basic and fundamental human right.

Not to mention the sport or the arts!

So how can you get involved? As soon as we get AHoD completely up and running I’ll be uploading quick and fun videos of easy signs to learn. Share it amongst your friends and let’s get all hands on deck to get a positive and inspiring change underway!


Sophie x

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