A token inspirational post


I’m having a bit of a Drisana Levitzke-Gray kind of day. I posted a video of her TedX Talk this morning and if you’ve had a chance to check it out, you’ll understand why I am so in awe. Not only is her story educating and inspiring but eloquent and extremely captivating. Her overwhelming passion and determination in the advocacy that she works so hard to promote is certainly motivating and makes me, personally, want to work harder for an inclusive society. So on this rainy day in Sydney, I want to write about something a bit more uplifting than per usual and post about one of the truly moving and uplifting people that make up the deaf community.

Drisana’s first and native language is AUSLAN. Born as the fifth generation in her family to be deaf or hard of hearing (95% of deaf children have hearing parents!) she works hard to promote AUSLAN as a crucial and necessary form of communication to deaf children, and advocates it as one of the most beneficial forms of language acquisition. In 2015 she was awarded the Young Australian of the Year and she currently works as a motivational speaker endorsing the importance of the culture – most recently and historically signing the first Ted X Talk!

Drisana’s message is relatively simply, to view communication as a fundamental human right and for AUSLAN to be recognized and treated with respect. Again would definitely recommend watching the link below!


Sophie x

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