Three amazing technologies changing communication

I recently read an interesting article by the Huffington Post in relation to consumer technology and the deaf community. It was a thought-provoking essay (I’ll post link below) which tapped into a notion of an ‘audist assumption’ and how we ‘hearing folk’ don’t take into consideration the deaf audience in the development of new media technologies (live video streaming, online gaming, vlogging etc.)

The article calls upon individuals in STEM careers to take into account the huge void in the digital sphere for accessible technologies, and how important integrating this media is, also bringing to light the full spectrum of naïve discrimination.

I’ve recently shared a few beautiful videos (albeit ads) from the NBN Network and Samsung as they launch advanced technologies to aid the deaf community to communicate (higher bandwidth, video calling etc.) I thought it would be cool though to share some of the latest technological developments that are targeted to completely incorporate the deaf community, aiming to integrate and include everyone in the emerging media technologies.

  1. The Sound Shirt

It’s so amazing to see a form of wearable technology that allows those deaf or hard of hearing to truly experience and enjoy music. The video below is insane – a must watch!

      2. SignAloud

The technology in these gloves are mind boggling! These amazing gloves translate sign language into speech and text – and developed by two second year university students too!


Developed primarily for those who become deaf later in life, this technology allows a user to speak into their phone with the message generating a text response to the recipient who is then able to converse back, pretty cool!

Huffington Post Article!

Sophie x

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