Let’s talk sign language

My first week of Auslan lessons begin next week and I am nervous to say the least. I’ve been pouring through the Auslan Sign Bank online but haven’t been to any official classes before so it’s all feeling a bit daunting! In light of my mission to learn sign language, this week I will be interviewing two inspiring and motivational women who have been through it all before and come out the other side! My chat with Cass Mitchell below!

Hi Cass, how are you? I was just wondering if you could please tell me a bit about your personal experience with Auslan, if you’re a native speaker and if not, what was the driving force to inspire you to learn sign language?

Hi Sophie! I’m not a native Auslan speaker. I learnt it at primary school as we had a deaf student at the school and continued to learn it with some family members because my uncle became deaf after an accident. I then continued to speak/practice it as much as possible just through my own interest. I am out of practice at the moment but have begun learning/practicing again.

What do you hope to achieve with your sign language?

I am a primary school teacher and one day hope to return to study to become a teacher of the deaf or Lote Auslan teacher. I try to teach all of my students some basics as I think it’s an important skill.

What would be the most helpful sign that you would encourage beginners to learn?

I would encourage everyone to learn the alphabet so they can finger spell for basic communication if needed. It’s also great to learn a basic introduction. “Hi how are you? I’m ….” is fantastic because it breaks down that initial barrier. 

Check the site for my chat with Amy next time, in the meanwhile check out these sites below!




Sophie x

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