SIGN up to the cause!


Over the next few days we here at AHoD want to literally get ‘All Hands on Deck’ to help promote the National Week of Deaf People in a bid to celebrate and appreciate the Deaf community and their bright culture. We aim to educate, bring awareness and *fingers crossed* social change to some of the complex issues that the Deaf community face in Australian society – but we need your help!

You may have seen some of the lovely videos gracing our Facebook page in the last couple of days and we have loved receiving them! To get involved simply sign ‘Hi how are you” (videos below) and paste the following information – don’t forget to tag us!

*1 in 1000 babies are born with significant hearing loss with more than 20,000 children and adolescents in Australia having a significant hearing impairment.
*Hearing loss affects a child’s speech, literacy skills and their ability to be understood.
*With a higher risk of social isolation they are 4 times more likely to have mental health issues than the hearing population and when they grow up 1/4 of them will leave jobs due to discrimination.
*Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is an official language, a fundamental form of language acquisition for these children and a positive part of the Deaf Communities identity.
Let’s show children across the country that we’ve got #allhandsondeck when it comes to Auslan and we will make an effort to learn, value and encourage it’s use and prominence in the Australian community.

Take a short video of you signing “How are you,” tag 3 friends and let’s get the message out there that we’re all hear to help!

Good luck!!

Sophie x




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