National Week of Deaf People

With The National Week of Deaf People just around the corner (15th- 21st October!) I thought it was important to have a quick chat with some of the inspiring and motivating people passionate about Auslan, who have gone above and beyond to learn this beautiful language! Earlier today I posted a blog of my chat with Cass Mitchell, a well seasoned Auslander who strives to teach all children sign language in a bid to break down barriers. This post I want to share with you my quick chat with Amy, a driven, young woman that wishes to integrate the two official Australian languages!

Hello Amy! Could you please tell me a little bit about your personal experience with Auslan?

I am a hearing individual that is just about to complete their first year of certificate 2 in Auslan.

When did you learn to sign?

I started in February 2016 but was self-taught at first!

Was there any driving force which motivated you to learn or just generally interested in the language?

I intend to achieve my diploma and become an interpreter!

What basic signs you encourage others to learn?

“How are you?”

So with both Cass and Amy suggesting that “How are you” is the best way to break down barriers, I think we should all give it a go! I’ll post some videos soon and tag some friends to get the ball rolling!

Check out this website below to find out how to get involved with The National Week of Deaf People!


Sophie x

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  1. I can’t wait for the videos! I’ve never considered learning sign language before but now I think it’s so important for everyone to learn how to say a few basics 🙂 Great post x

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    1. Thanks @sheismorethan! Check out our Facebook for some “how are you” videos!


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